Savage Blood


Savage Blood


Length: 42:04

Release date: 03.10.2007

Publisher: Metal Breath Production

Producer: Petr Blackie Hosek

Studio: Studio Descent 2003-2007

Cat. MB 014 / format: CD / CD available /
This album is available on iTunes store (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and selected EU countries).

CD Savage Blood is available through Relapse Records (USA) here.

"Savage Blood" is the fourth studio album project of Czech legendary guitarist of dark metal band Root - Petr Blackie Hosek. Album is mostly instrumental but mystic, dark, atmospheric and melodic. CD included 12 songs on 42 minutes. You can find on the CD video bonus - remixed song "From The Bosom Of Oblivion", recorded in 2007 (original released on the second CD of Cales "The Pass In Time").


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